Studio Two Quilts #GearThatMadeUs

Studio Two Quilts #GearThatMadeUs

9th June 2022

One of the most distinctive features of Studio Two, these hanging quilts or “sleeping bags”, as they’ve been called, were introduced in 1955 and originally made from a fabric called Cabot’s Quilt.


They were stuffed with a dried seaweed called eelgrass, used in part to create a consistent humidity in the room and in part to alter its sound, able to roll up or down to better suit the needs of a particular recording.


Ella Fitzgerald

Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan

Peter Bown, Norman Newell and Geoff Love


In the 1980s they were discovered to be extremely flammable and were hastily replaced with a flame-proof alternative that stayed true to the look and function of the originals.

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