Studer J37 #GearThatMadeUs

Studer J37 #GearThatMadeUs

26th May 2022

Studer J37s were the first multi-track recorders made by the legendary Studer Company.

Upon their release in 1964, Abbey Road adopted these beautifully modern and functional 1” 4-track tape machines for use in the studios and on location.

One of the first songs to be recorded with a J37 at Abbey Road was John Lennon’s Help! in 1965.


The story of Sgt. Pepper being recorded on four tracks is based upon the use of what was actually two synchronised J37s.

They also played a key role in the invention of sound recording techniques such as Ken Townsend’s ADT (Artificial Double-Tracking).


As 4-track recording and the process of ‘bouncing’ sound from one tape machine to another was deemed so successful, EMI invested in even more J37s, acquiring eight in total.

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In 2013 Waves Audio translated our J37 No.1 machine into the fantastic J37 Tape Saturation Plugin, bringing its stunning analog warmth to your digital recordings.


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