Spitfire Audio Release Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos

Spitfire Audio Release Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos

16th November 2023

We are thrilled to announce the next instalment of Spitfire Audio’s Abbey Road Orchestra series – ‘Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos’.

The dynamic new sample library – to be delivered in two tiers, Core and Professional – is a sterling cello sound that encompasses Spitfire Audio’s cutting-edge sampling technology.

Performed by London’s top film and TV session Cellists and created using new recording and development techniques from R&D sessions at Abbey Road, Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos includes detailed legato patches with appropriate interval triggering that reacts in real time, so that every time you play, your next movement is triggered.


Celebrating the stunning sound of a Cello section captured at Abbey Road Studios, this VST, offers an extensive range of articulations and playing styles — lyrical and performance legatos, a wide selection of longs and shorts, and control over a variety of articulations to allow you to create both intimate and epic soundscapes.

Meticulously recorded to allow for smooth and expressive transitions between notes, emulating the natural way a performer shifts from one note to another without breaks, Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos has been designed to improve playability and responsiveness vastly, with multiple dynamic legato intervals, and flexible interval types triggered by playing speed and/or velocity.


Stepping up its legato technology in both the Core and Professional versions, Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos features the most detailed and advanced legatos that Spitfire Audio has ever made. With multiple layers of legato techniques reacting in realtime to your playing speed and velocity.

The Core tier offers a comprehensive collection of articulations and playing styles, with a very high level of sampling depth and one signal option curated by GRAMMY®-Award-winner Simon Rhodes, in order to keep the size and RAM requirements low.

With extended velocity triggered patches – portamento (slide/glissando between notes) and detaché (separate bow strokes) – plus accented marcato and 'soft swell' entries for single long notes, the Professional tier is the pinnacle of detail, expression and playability, setting a new standard for the sound of the cello in the digital age.


A host to celebrated classical recordings from Elgar and Prokofiev, as well as iconic film scores from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and the more recent releases of Avengers: Endgame, Black Panther and Tar, Studio One needs no introduction.

Home to one of the greatest in-house collections of vintage and modern microphones and a control room fitted with a 72-channel Neve 88 RS console with a unique and comprehensive surround monitor section, Studio One is the perfect setting for Spitfire Audio’s meticulously planned recording sessions. The company’s aim is to work with the best, to deliver you the world’s most detailed sampling orchestra, and Abbey Road – one of the most in-demand recording studios in the film scoring landscape – was the perfect space to make this happen.

“Spitfire Audio are undoubtedly the best team in the world to deliver something truly groundbreaking. The bar has been raised exceedingly high and this is only the beginning for the Abbey Road Orchestra series. It feels like we are all in for a remarkable journey.”

Mirek Stiles Head of Audio Products, Abbey Road Studios

Find out more and order here (https://www.spitfireaudio.com/abbey-road-orchestra-cellos)

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