SG Lewis Releases Long-Awaited Album, times

Pop’s secret weapon steps out of the shadows with a party-primed debut, featuring Nile Rodgers and Robyn, that's packed with the good vibes you crave - NME

SG Lewis today reveals his 10 track times album. From the second it starts, Reading alt-pop star SG Lewis’ debut album is a throwback to the carefree years of classic disco. The British producer perfectly intertwines a range of feel-good elements to create one of the best albums to release so far this year.

times sees SG Lewis team up with talents such as Nile Rodges, Channel Tres and Lastlings. Lewis sets the mood from the off with Times, opening with vinyl crackles and Rhye’s warm vocal; a timely plea to make the most of every day. Feed The Fire, which features New Orleans singer-songwriter Lucky Daye, keeps the mood going, with earworm vocal lines and Disclosure-style synths. Increasingly uplifting is Nile Rodgers collaboration One More, which sees Abbey Road’s Chief Creative Advisor lay down an effortlessly funky guitar groove as SG takes the lead on the vocals.

The single was recorded with Nile in our Front Room studio and had its exclusive premiere as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1.

SG Lewis - One More ft. Nile Rodgers

“One More was the first song I wrote for this record in LA, and one that set me on the path to making this whole album.” says SG; “Working with Nile Rodgers was an experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life. To have someone who has influenced not only this album, but my entire career play on this song is mind blowing.”

“SG and I have been working together at my home away from home, Abbey Road, for a couple of years now. I love how effortless and cool this song is. The awesome Julian Bunetta and John Ryan wrote on this with us and killed it!” – Nile Rodgers
On the album, Sam adds "times is an ode to the present moment. 2020 has shown us that the experiences we took for granted in the past, are never promised tomorrow, and that the opportunity to dance together may not always be there again. After reading about 70’s New York and the birth of Disco, I became infatuated with the euphoria and escapism that the music from that period created, and the safe spaces the clubs at the time provided for people to express themselves. I aimed to create a world musically that captured those same feelings, and to imagine the music that would be playing in those rooms if they were to exist today.

The LP showcases the best of SG Lewis and starts 2021 in the best way possible.

Purchase on the Abbey Road Shop.