Senior Recording Engineer Andrew Dudman & Assistant Engineer Andy Maxwell Answer Your Questions #AskTheEngineer

Since lockdown, our engineering team have been helping with creative and technical tips for creation in self-isolation. ⁣From recording and processing studio vocals at home to the fundamentals of a home recording set-up, but we now wanted to hear from you!

We received over 200 questions for our mixing and mastering engineers and we posed as many as possible to Senior Recording Engineer Andrew Dudman, Assistant Engineer Andy Maxwell and Mastering Engineers Alex Gordon and Oli Morgan. In our first instalment we heard from the Oli and Alex from the mastering team and now we hear from the recording team with Andrew Dudman and Andy Maxwell. You’ll find the set of questions they cover below the video.

Ask The Engineer: Senior Engineer Andrew Dudman & Assistant Engineer Andy Maxwell

@Anything_at_all: What does a career path look like for a young, aspiring engineer?

- @TheIronJew: What’s the typical order of the day when having to record a full orchestra for a film score?

- @Alexbrightmusic: Do you have any strong rules for EQ’ing strings?

- @JK_Edwards: Your favourite non-convention technique or bit of gear to use?

- @Bharat_Arjunan: Process to make the bass guitar sit in the mix and to get overall punch in the low end

- @Pnlomeo: Favourite part of being an assistant engineer and how did you get to that position?

- @Marcel_Walden: If I had a limited amount of drum mics would you rather mic snare bottom or hi-hat?

- @JoeShaferMusic: Do you have a preference for when panning certain instruments?

- @Adcollins: What’s the best software compressor you’ve used for vocals?

- @Gio.Artist: Hi Andrew! What is the best way to record a steel drum?

- @DJChatelaine: What advice for an aspiring musician who is recording at home? Any key tips to be aware of?

- @Overdadeiroanderson: Favourite mic and why?

- @JamieWright123: What is the mix you’re most proud of?

- @BeatlesNerd999: Favourite recording you’ve engineered / produced and why?

- @berzinskyy – best mic set up for recording electric guitar with lots of distortion?

- What can be done from a mixing perspective to make the choir sound like an ensemble, and also feel as if they are singing in the same acoustical space as the virtual orchestra recording?

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