Recent Mix Stage project 'The Hurricane Heist' released in the UK

6th April 2018
When you dub your film in a temple of sound like Abbey Road Studios... its better than going to work; its going to worship. - Rob Cohen, Director, The Hurricane Heist. Today marks the release of The Hurricane Heist, one of the first films to be dubbed in TheMix Stage and a highly anticipated directorial release from action-film-royalty and creator of The Fast and the Furious franchise, Rob Cohen. Rob worked closely with our Mix technicians, Jack Cheetham and Kobi Quist to finalise the sound for his latest film in our state of the art sound mixing facility, and we think that youll agree - the results are staggering.

Matching the fast paced,high-octane thrills of The Hurricane Heist with an equally relentless sound mix was a task that our team felt was essential and was necessary to convey the energy, urgency and action that Rob originally envisioned for the film. Watch the trailer for The Hurricane Heist below: The film is out now in UK Cinemas. Find out more about The Mix Stage by clicking here.