Pianist And Composer Chad Lawson Releases New Album ‘You Finally Knew’

Chad Lawson has released his new solo piano album You Finally Knew – watch the videos for Prelude in D Major and Waltz in B Minor below

Pianist and composer Chad Lawson’s new record You Finally Knew is out now. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in Studio Three with Stephen Lee Price and Abbey Road’s Chris Parker, the record makes up the second half of Chad’s dual release, the first half of which, Stay, came out earlier this year.
You Finally Knew is an invitation of self-reflection,” says Lawson. “Beckoning us to pause and look inside ourselves, to see what makes each of us uniquely us. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be honest with ourselves as we unintentionally set aside even the smallest life-giving activities to address everyday obligations.” The album, whose title comes from the first line of a Mary Oliver poem, aims to help reclaim that honesty.

Minimalism and melody meet on the ten-track set, drawing on a relaxed, meditative feel combining genres of classical music and the freeform nature of jazz improv. The album was written to inspire listeners to take time every day to consciously be still for mental clarity and overall wellness of being, something which is vitally important in the world right now. .

Lawson places melody at the centre of his new album, where he describes that "tracks such as Prelude in D Major and Waltz in B Minor act as an homage to the masters that so eloquently showed us the importance of a motif; how substance lies within a theme and how a simple melody will always be the heart of every song, regardless of instrument.”
Chad Lawson’s new album You Finally Knew is out now and can be bought here.