Oli Morgan’s Remote Mastering Session with Audiomovers - From Abbey Road Studios to South America

Oli Morgan’s Remote Mastering Session with Audiomovers - From Abbey Road Studios to South America

On a normal day at Abbey Road we help artists from different parts of the world to write and record together, but since the Covid-19 pandemic our in-house experts from Abbey Road’s Technical Services have had to put the tools and services in place to allow remote sessions to still go ahead.

However, for our mastering engineers, attended sessions are still not permitted, so how can we still allow artists and bands to be part of the final process in the production chain? Well, when Chilean band Bintage got in touch with our mastering engineer Oli Morgan looking to stem-master their latest LP, Oli found an innovative solution.

The group enquired about our stem-mastering service through the website. Stem Mastering is a process that offers greater control over the sonic shape and balance of your music. It allows Oli to not only shape the overall tonal balance of a track, but also to go even deeper into each component part to help achieve an even better result. You can find out more about the service here.

Being Abbey Road and Beatles’ fanatics it was a complete joy for them to make this happen, with the band desperate to attend the mastering session. Sadly, due to current Covid-19 protocols, this would not be possible. Nevertheless, Oli took inspiration from the remote session work being used on the recording sessions at the studios, and in particular, the software Audiomovers, which we are thrilled to have now acquired. Audiomovers is a software audio plugin designed to stream audio from DAW to web browser or to another DAW. The plugin Listento allows real-time streaming of several lossless and compressed formats.
Oli explained: “I shared the screen, sent them the link and stayed on session the whole time. Over two days they were part of the process and sat on the call which as live all day. I could see their studio listening and when they were off doing other things. It was a bit like we had a walkie-talkie.

It was great to offer an experience that would not be possible otherwise. To try and track Abbey Road to their living room. And it work from my side as smoothly as an attended session. In many ways, it was as good as having them on the sofa behind me. They were having the times of their lifes which was lovely to see. They were clearly very exciting so it was not be able to take part in that.

You can now listen to the release on Spotify here.

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