Novelist releases his debut album 'Novelist Guy'

Novelist releases his debut album 'Novelist Guy'

“The fans have been drip-fed; now they’ve got a whole plate.” Remarks Novelist as he talks to NME Magazine at Abbey Road about his upcoming debut album.

Over the last few months, a few select releases from Novelist Guy have appeared as singles and tantalised fans, offering glimpses of the out-spoken, relentless debut from one of Grime’s most enigmatic upstarts.

But today fans finally get to indulge in the ‘whole plate’ – and what a plate it is.

Mastered by Alex Gordon and partly mixed by Novelist himself and Gordon Davidson at Abbey Road Studios, Novelist Guy is a tour-de-force of Grimes’ re-energised spirit, showcased through the cutting lyricism and impeccable production of Novelist, one of the most exciting young artists to burst onto the UK music scene.

Exploring musical influences from a plethora of decades, genres and continents, Novelist Guy feels like a coming of age moment, not only for Novelist himself, but for Grime as a genre.

The album is mature and complex, but retains a youthful ambition and energy that seems to urge the listener from track to track in a gleeful exhibition of Novelist’s mastery of his craft.

Reflecting on the Mixing process, which was done in the Front Room by Novelist himself and Abbey Road Engineer Gordon Davidson, Gordon said: “I was delighted to be asked to mix Novelist’s album with him.”

“We had enjoyed a really fun session together a few months previously in the Gatehouse and so it was great to be working with such an exciting artist again. I love his energy and I think it’s great he’s using his voice to deliver positive messages.”

“The tracks were in good shape when he arrived and Nov knew how he wanted things to sound, so it was a real pleasure to add that little extra to the final mix.”

We recently sat down with Novelist and his brother, fellow producer Prem, to have a chat about this upcoming and release, his influences and his thoughts on the state of Grime.

In true fashion, Novelist was insightful, diplomatic and eager to have his voice heard – and for good reason.

Watch Part One of our interview below:



Listen to Novelist Guy in full on Spotify.