Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' new single recorded in The Gatehouse

3rd May 2019
Noel Gallagher has announced his return with new High Flying Birds' EP Black Star Dancing, and unveiled the title track which has been entirely written and recorded in Abbey Road's Gatehouse Studio.

The new EP from the former Oasis guitarist is his first new release since 2017’s Who Built The Moon. The project is led by a title track that sees Noel taking influence from likes of David Bowie, INXS, U2 and our Chief Creative Advisor, Nile Rodgers, who he coincidentally met during the recording sessions at Abbey Road.
Noel spoke to Radio X about the recording process and his encounter with Nile:

“I wrote it in the studio because the other stuff I’d written wasn’t very good. Nile Rodgers happened to be in the studio while I was working on it. He was leant against the mixing desk, playing his guitar in his usual style. He was working with Rebecca Ferguson - remember, the Scouse girl who didn’t win X Factor?

I said to Nile, what are you writing songs with her for, I’m out there struggling!? I’m not sure what his reply was - he just flashed a big smile and went [does Nile Rodgers guitar lick] dig-a-dig-dig. Another hit!

Nile is unbelievable, he’s a dude. When he left, he came by the studio and we had the track on. He said, is this you? He was dancing around the studio.”

The full EP track-listing is:

Black Star Dancing

Rattling Rose

Sail On

Black Star Dancing (12” Mix)

Black Star Dancing (The Reflex Revision)

The new release is taken from the EP of the same name, which will be released digitally and on 12” vinyl on 14 June. Written and recorded in our Gatehouse Studio, engineered by Paul Stacey with Abbey Road assistant engineer Dan Hayden. Take a listen to Black Star Dancing and pre-order the EP now.

Last year we sat down with Noel in the Gatehouse Studio to talk about his dream collaborations, his favourite records and the advice he would impart to his 25-year-old self. Watch the interview below: