My Abbey Road: Royal Blood #AbbeyRoad90

18th December 2021

My Abbey Road… with Royal Blood!

The band who this year released two amazing orchestral versions recorded at the Studios (All We Have Is Now & Limbo), gives us a glimpse of what Abbey Road means to them.

Read on to hear some of singer/bassist Mike Kerr’s favourite recordings and memories over the years.


"Abbey Road to me represents the magic of making music in a recording studio. Hearing the echoes and ghosts of your favourite records bouncing off the walls gives me goosebumps."

Mike Kerr with engineers Chris Bolster and Stefano Civetta

"My ultimate memory of recording at Abbey Road was the moment I came back from the loo and discovered Ben (Thatcher) playing Walking In The Air on the Lady Madonna piano with the entire orchestra playing along. It was epic."


"Some of my favourite recordings from Abbey Road are Into My Arms by Nick Cave and also The Imperial March from Star Wars."

Over the past year we've been lucky enough to host not one, but two Royal Blood Amazon Original orchestral sessions!

Check out the amazing live performances of Limbo & All We Have Is Now.


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