My Abbey Road: Christian Wright #AbbeyRoad90

My Abbey Road… with Christian Wright. Discover Christian’s journey at the place where “glorious vibrations” are captured - from recording Kae Tempest to mastering Fontaines D.C. and Ed Sheeran.

Christian joined us at the age of 19. Starting off in the copy rooms, he graduated to the role of mastering engineer and has since gone on to master award-winning No.1 albums as well as soundtracks to No.1 films from both sides of the Atlantic.

What does Abbey Road mean to you?

"As a teenager it was the studio in Radiohead’s Meeting People Is Easy. As an adult it’s where I go to work, tweak music and to do the job I told my careers advisor I wanted to do.

As a romantic it’s where I saw Kanye, Stevie Wonder, Chas and Dave all play live – where glorious vibrations are captured and where I learn every day from my colleagues about AI, future tech and continue to be inspired by music."

Some of the biggest and respected names in music have had their albums mastered by Christian, including Franz Ferdinand, Blur, Soft Hair, Bears Den, Keane, and Ben Frost. His skills in soundtrack production have been employed on the Oscar winning Gravity composed by Steven Price, two Harry Potter films and The Master - composed by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood.

Your favourite recording?

"Recording Kae Tempest People’s Faces direct to vinyl and also seeing artists Like Fontaines D.C. and Ed Sheeran go from playing 200 cap venues, mastering a debut album and then 5 years later playing Ally Pally or Wembley."

Ed Sheeran and Christian Wright

Your favourite memory?

"I gave Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker) a tour of Abbey Road one evening, he sat on the piano in Studio Two and wrote some silly, funny songs there and then, I popped my phone on the piano and recorded them.

Heard him on Adam Buxton the other day and thought, ‘I’ve lost those songs that made me laugh…’ Never mind, we laughed that night!"

Christian's musical interests aren't limited to mastering. He still plays live in a band, records as a multi-instrumentalist, avidly collects analogue gear from synths to outboard, and regularly records and mixes tracks. He’s truly involved and understands every aspect of the music creation process.

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