Muse Release 'Origin of Symmetry' Remix Album to Mark its 20th Anniversary

6th July 2021

Muse celebrate the 20th anniversary of their landmark album Origin Of Symmetry by releasing ‘Origin Of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX’ on Warner Records.

The new edition features remixed and remastered audio by Abbey Road’s Alex Wharton plus re-imagined artwork which is out now on digital formate, and will be released on vinyl on 9 July.

As the album’s anniversary approached, Muse asked the Grammy-winning producer Rich Costey, who has produced or mixed material on almost every subsequent record, to revisit the original recordings. Whereas most remix albums aim to radically rework the material, or to switch to an entirely different genre, the band and Costey wanted to provide a renewed clarity with a more open, dynamic and less crushed sound. This highlights parts and ideas previously buried or muted on the original mixes, like a harpsichord on Micro Cuts and Abbey Road recorded strings on Citizen Erased, Megalomania and Space Dementia. And that’s precisely what has been achieved.

From the visceral opening riff of New Born to the cinematic melancholy of the closing Megalomania via the staggering scope of fan-favorite Citizen Erased, the remix unveils every facet of the album’s intricate production alongside a new-found warmth. It further benefits from mastering courtesy of Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios.

Matt Bellamy said: "In revisiting the album what we found was the original mixes on the singles, like Plug In Baby and Bliss, were pretty good so they were the hardest ones to improve. It was the deeper album tracks like Micro Cuts where we were able to make massive breakthroughs."

Matt Bellamy recording the album in Studio Two

Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX is completed with a modernised reimagination of the album’s cover art courtesy of Sujin Kim. The visual artist has created a hyper-realistic 3D rendering of William Eager’s original cover image.

Pre-order on the Abbey Road Shop.


1 New Born (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
2 Bliss (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
3 Space Dementia (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
4 Hyper Music (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
5 Plug In Baby (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
6 Citizen Erased (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
7 Micro Cuts (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
8 Screenager (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
9 Darkshines (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
10 Feeling Good (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
11 Futurism (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
12 Megalomania (XX Anniversary RemiXX)


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