Little Simz Releases Her Fourth Album, 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert'

3rd September 2021

English rapper Little Simz (Simbiatu Abisola Abiola Ajikawo) makes self-examination and explanation the focal point of her fourth album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.

Coming off the critical acclaim of 2019’s GREY Area and last year’s Drop 6 EP, Little Simz is proving to be a groundbreaking voice in British hip-hop.

The album, produced with her regular collaborator Inflo, was recorded in-part at Abbey Road where we hosted the orchestral and percussion sessions for the album, recorded by Richard Woodcraft and Ben Baptie with Abbey Road’s Matt Jones and Chris Parker.

Little Simz opened the album rollout for Sometimes I Might Be Introvert with Introvert as marching snares with a prominent bass and choir usher listeners into her headspace. The pace switches up suddenly into a swinging tempo with orchestral strings recorded at Abbey Road.

Then came Woman with singer Cleo Sol; a soulful love letter to women around the world. Laidback drums, soulful chords and Cleo Sol’s perfectly ghostly guest vocals lay the bed for Little Simz's clever wordplay and introspective bars. Stellar lines set the scene throughout every verse cleverly painting the theme of the track in a seemingly unforced yet provoking way. Most recently she showcased I Love You, I Hate You, one of the most intimate single from the forthcoming record. Boiling guitar riffs, massive string sections and a chopped vocal lay the platform for Simz.

Little Simz - I Love You, I Hate You


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Sometimes I Might Be Introvert: Limited Edition Milky Vinyl

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert: Limited Edition Milky Vinyl

Little Simz


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