How To Get A Wider Vocal with Mid/Side EQ | Production Hub

Watch how to get a wider vocal in your mix using the Abbey Road RS56 EQ plugin for mid/side EQ, in this video with producer Billy Bush (Garbage, Jake Bugg)


Billy’s basic approach for making the vocal wider and more “three-dimensional” while still keeping it tightly focused:

- Insert the RS56 EQ on the vocal channel and the vocal effects return channels

- Bring the low end down in the sides and up in the centre

- Push high-end information to the sides

- Keep mid-range information focused in the centre
Billy explains: “When you bring up the high-end information in the sides and keep the mid and low end focused in the centre, the high-end detail pulls the listeners’ attention subtly to the sides of the stereo field, giving the impression that the sound is wider. By keeping the mids and low end centred, you make sure that the mix stays punchy and mono-compatible. This works particularly well with stereo reverbs, delays, backing vocals and anything that is panned wide.”

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