Highlights of 2017: Sam Okell, Peach Kazen, Jon Eades

Highlights of 2017: Sam Okell, Peach Kazen, Jon Eades

2017 was a phenomenal year in music; the sheer volume and quality of new releases, remasters and film scores has been overwhelming. It fills us with pride to know that the amazing Abbey Road team played their part in making it all happen.

Now as we stumble blurry-eyed into 2018, we can’t help but feel a tad reflective and look back on the year that’s passed.

So, we asked around Abbey Road Studios to find out the highlights of the year for our engineers and studio staff – their favourite projects to work on, the favourite albums of the year, and of course, what they wanted to get for Christmas.

Sam Okell, Senior Recording Engineer.

Highlight of 2017: Remixing Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for it's 50th anniversary re-release.

Favourite Album of 2017: The Loved Ones - Flyte.

Favourite Christmas song: Must be Santa by Bob Dylan.

All I want for Christmas is: A metal detector. (I've been watching Detectorists!)

Tip for 2018: Tommy Ashby, a great album to some soon.

Peach Kazen, Studio & Mastering Coordinator.

Highlight of 2017: The Pop Studios opening party all-nighter!

Favourite Album of 2017: Interplanetary Class Classics - The Moonlandingz.

Favourite Christmas song: I Believe in Father Christmas - Greg lake.

All I want for Christmas is: Peace and love... and to win the lottery.

Tip for 2018: Shame.

Jon Eades, Innovation Manager - Abbey Road Red.

Highlight of 2017: Making it into Wired Magazine - something that’s on every tech nerd’s bucket list.

Favourite album of 2017: I’ve not listened to many full albums this year, with playlists and artist radio on Spotify taking over, but I’ve listened to Bon Iver - 22, A Million from start to finish a LOT of times.

Favourite Christmas Song: Coventry Carol. Has to be arranged for voice only, ideally sung in a huge reverb.

All I Want for Christmas is: A remote control car / boat / helicopter / tank. The child in you never really dies.

Tip for 2018: Model Man. Managed by a good friend of mine, about to sign a label deal with some stunning tracks ready for release. Lots of prepared pianos and glitchy loops.