Fairchild 660 #GearThatMadeUs

Fairchild 660 #GearThatMadeUs

5th May 2022

The sound of a Fairchild 660 tube limiter helped to create the legendary drum and vocal tones found on countless Abbey Road records.

Invented by Rein Narma in 1959 for American manufacturer Fairchild Recording Equipment Corporation, these highly prised volume-control devices are used not only on initial recordings, but also on final mixes.


It was the use of 660s on Beatles records that helped make them famous worldwide. At that time, they were one of the few pieces of Abbey Road Studios equipment that was not an EMI design.

We still have our original 1960s units which were purchased shortly after engineer Peter Bown took a trip to Capitol Records and heard them in action. They are still in operation at the studios every day.

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