Enough with pyjamas - find your cool with our new 4'20" range

20th April 2020

Like the Abbey Road team, you’re probably missing the gigs and parties, and every day starts to look the same. We all need a little inspiration to help us be creative at home. So get into your favourite band t-shirt, put your music on, play something for your family or have a Zoom party to recreate some of that hype indoors.

Our new 4’20” Come Together collection, inspired by the opening track to Abbey Road will help you get in the mood. Embellished with the time of the track in minutes and seconds, it includes a t-shirt, cross-body bag and bucket hat - yes we know, but who’s going to tell you off for wearing a hat indoors?

Or maybe you can dust-off your old guitar and try to remember what you played last time. You’ll need plectrums and maybe some help from Uberchord - an AI guitar learning app recommended by our Abbey Road Red team. And when you’ve done your first few hours, treat yourself to one of our Beatles guitar straps. After all that hard work, you deserve it.

Get inspired & stay at home with our brand new 4'20" Come Together Collection. Exclusive to the Abbey Road Shop - Discover now.