Discover the Prizes for this year’s Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards

Discover the Prizes for this year’s Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards

10th July 2023

The second annual Abbey Road Studios Music Photography Awards is designed to celebrate the art of music photography and showcase talent across the globe.

Not only will the winners receive recognition for their outstanding work, but they are also presented with a range of exciting prizes. At the heart of these awards lies the coveted MPA trophy. Each winner will be given a unique, custom designed trophy.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Let's take a closer look at some of the other remarkable prizes in each of the categories.


The Prizes

One of the standout prizes is the chance to have a one-to-one mentorship session with iconic photographer and our head judge, Rankin. Known for his captivating portraits and distinct style, Rankin's mentorship is an invaluable opportunity for any aspiring photographer. The chosen winner will be awarded a portfolio review session with Rankin, along with the chance to observe and learn from Rankin during a Hunger Magazine shoot.


Music Moment of the Year Prize

Another exciting award is the Music Moment of the Year Award, supported by Outernet London. The winner of this category will have the extraordinary opportunity to showcase their work in the heart of central London. They will be granted a one-week takeover of the Pop Two space on the world-famous screens at Outernet, where an exclusive exhibition will be held.

In addition to this prime location, the winner can also capture behind-the-scenes footage at prestigious music events in the Outernet district to feature in the exhibition.


Underground Scenes Prize

For those captivated by an underground music scene, the Underground Scenes Award is a dream come true. The winner will embark on a four-week mentorship with Abbey Road Studios' Photographer in Residence, Simon Wheatley.

Simon Wheatley has played a pivotal role in chronicling the emergence of grime, shooting grime artists at pirate radio stations and on London streets since 1998. In 2010, Simon pulled his work together for the iconic book Don't Call Me Urban! The Time of Grime. This incredible opportunity allows the photographer to learn from an expert and gain insights into photographing recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios.


Live Category Prize

Last but not least, the Live Category, supported by Philips Ambilight TV, offers a unique prize that combines the worlds of music and technology. The winner will receive an OLED+ 908 TV with sound by Bowers & Wilkins, a cutting-edge 55" television that provides an unparalleled audiovisual experience.


From mentorship sessions with industry icons to prestigious exhibitions, make sure you enter before 18 July for your chance at winning!

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