Brockhampton release their fourth studio album 'Iridescence'

19th September 2018
"When people talk about Abbey Road, we want to be a part of that conversation, we want people to say 'Brockhampton recorded there, that's so cool'". Substituting their house in LA for the iconic Abbey Road Studios, Brockhampton have today released Iridescence - their fourth studio album recorded entirely in Studio Three. Self dubbed the hardest working boy band in show business, the 13-strong group, who count their manager and art director as part of the line up, live up to this proclaimed title in abundance, unorthodox-ly producing the record in the space of just 10 days in Abbey Roads Studio Three. The follow-up to 2017's SATURATION III, Iridescence is filled with raw energy, passion and emotion, cementing their place at the height of a populous rap scene.
Andy Maxwell, one of Abbey Road's hard working runners, was at the helm of the recording process, even mixing the record with the group. Andy spoke to us about his unforgettable time working alongside them: "Working with Brockhampton was one of the most enriching experiences I've had here at Abbey Road. The sense of kinship and solidarity in those sessions is what made them so special. It felt like we were all in it together, trying to make the best album possible. I'm forever grateful for the opportunities they gave me on this project. Abbey Road recordist, Matt Mysko, who also played a paramount part in the recording of Iridescence, commented on the advanced maturity the group brought to the studio in the mere weeks they spent recording the record. They say that there are more synaptic connections in one human brain that there are atoms in the universe. The minute I stepped into the studio with Brockhampton it became obvious that these connections were in no way confined to their individual brains and seemed to create some sort of hive mind. The way in which they support, challenge, edit, question and collaborate is truly inspiring and is all done with patience, tolerance and a sincere understanding of one another. They embody deep harmony whilst at the same time each member being distinctly individualistic. Throw into this lashings of talent and you have a seriously formidable creative force. It was a great honour and a pleasure working with the lads and I hope their new album Iridescence gets all the credit it deserves. In between the tireless 24 hour recording sessions for Iridescence, Brockhampton kindly took the time to speak to us to discuss the inspiration behind the new record and what it means to be recording at Abbey Road. Watch the full interview below: Listen to Iridescence.