Award Winning Australian Violinist Patrick Roberts Releases Brand New Album of Classic Beatles' Songs

Patrick Roberts has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years and this year sees him pay tribute to the world’s most influential band of all time – The Beatles. Imagine, his seventh studio album, mastered at Abbey Road by Andy Walter, features Julian Lennon and Tommy Emmanuel, and will be released on 9 November through Sony Music Australia.

Imagine features many of The Beatles classic songs performed on classical violin by Roberts. A special version of Saltwater by Julian Lennon is also included on the album bringing forward the issues of environmental conservation and world poverty. Julian, who was also the direct inspiration for Hey Jude (also on this record), and Tommy Emmanuel re-recorded the song, especially for this record.
As Patrick explains, "Coupled with these legendary songs I decided to include a very special version of Saltwater. I have always loved this song ever since hearing it as a child and I feel the lyrics could not be any more appropriate today. Every word of the song has so much meaning for the current world we are living in so for Julian to agree to re–record Saltwater especially for this record is very humbling. Tommy Emmanuel’s quintessential and recognisable guitar sound is truly unforgettable. Coupling Julian’s amazing vocals with the truly incredible Tommy Emmanuel has
been a wonderful experience."

Working again with producer Mark D’Angelo, the pair created the general feel and vibe for this album together. Patrick then recorded the violin at his
home studio while Mark produced it with Patrick remotely.
Mastered by Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios, it gives the last sprinkles of magic to an already impressive album. On mastering the album Andy explained: "In my mastering suite at Abbey Road, it’s always exciting to start downloading the mixed audio for a new, unreleased project. You wonder what delights and problems you will face and, with a fresh pair of ears, you carefully craft the work of many other people’s graft and genius with care and skill. Working on Patrick Roberts’ album Imagine was a particular pleasure as so many of the tracks were originally created by The Beatles, just yards away from where I am sitting in the studio. Let me be clear - this album is a delight.

I worked on turning these great recordings into a legendary interpretation… an EQ push here, a tweak there, but keeping the warm analogue feel. We were going for an epic, large sound that complimented the incredible performances and interpretations of these much loved songs.

The session, like many, wasn’t without difficulties. Working with Patrick, who was thousands of miles away in Adelaide and both subject to Covid 19 restrictions meant that we created the master across the internet and used our artistic skill and knowledge, and expert facilities at Abbey Road, to quickly complement each other roles and produce a perfect, finished master – as if we were both listening, working and approving in the studio together. Our virtual work has produced a finished master that is epic and engaging and I hope flatters a depth of musicianship and creativity that compliments the nostalgia and importance of these Beatles masterpieces. It was a pleasure to work on and I hope that I have brought many sprinkles of the famous Abbey Road ‘magic’ into these wonderful performances.

Pre-order Imagine by Patrick Roberts now.