Announcing the Abbey Road Red Playroom as part of our Amplify Festival

23rd October 2021

Abbey Road Red are delighted to be bringing a mix of cutting edge, fun and hugely innovative technology experiences to Studio Three for the Abbey Road Red Playroom during the Abbey Road 90th Anniversary Amplify event.

Over the two days in Studio Three we will be showcasing a range of technologies created by our own incubator alumni as well as friends of Red which will give you a glimpse into our instruments and music making of the future. Our exhibitors will show you their inventions designed to assist and enhance our creativity, from playful smart instruments to powerful automated audio processers and generative music assistants. You will be able to experience and try them for yourself as well as talk to their creators.

They will include Vochlea with its newly released Dubler 2 voice-to-midi software, COTODAMA's lyric visualisation software deployed in its premium Lyric Speakers, Odd Ball's midi controller ball and Patch XR's VR modular synth creation and performance environment. These and much more!

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