AI and Creativity: What Do The Artists Think? Jon McClure from Reverend and The Makers

24th February 2020

Innovation Manager, Karim Fanous, presents some thoughts from Jon McClure on AI and Creativity In Music

In the run-up to our Abbey Road Red Demo Day 2020 we asked some of our brilliant artist friends if they could film a short video with their thoughts about AI and creativity, which we could show the audience. Now, with their permission, we’d like to share these films with you.

First up is from Jon McClure, better known as Rev from Reverend and The Makers, whose candid passion for music and artistic integrity in real-life and on video is undeniable. I like his reference to ‘co-bot-ing’, a word-play on ‘robot-ing’, i.e. collaborating with robots, coined by Massive Attack. We can’t wait to see where Rev might go playing with AI tools.

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