Abbey Road talks to The Quarrymen

20th September 2019
In July, US-based motion picture production company Stars North gathered the original surviving members of The Quarrymen band to perform in Abbey Road's Studio Three. The members included Colin Hanton, Chas Newby, Len Garry and Rod Davis and the footage is to be included in PRE FAB!, their new documentary.

PRE FAB! tells the story of Liverpool-born drummer, Colin Hanton, who was an original member of John Lennon’s skiffle group, The Quarrymen, which eventually evolved into The Beatles.

Whilst filming in Studio Three for their upcoming documentary, we caught up with the legendary group who shared their personal memories of growing up with John Lennon, the fateful day when Lennon met McCartney and in turn how the skiffle group evolved into The Beatles. Watch the full interview below.