Abbey Road Red’s Monthly Round-up – July 2022 Edition

Abbey Road Red’s Monthly Round-up – July 2022 Edition

8th July 2022

What are the music tech stories you should know about from June?

Here’s the fourth instalment of a new series sourced by our innovation arm Abbey Road Red and their research across the music technology and start-up ecosystem. Each month, Abbey Road Red's Karim Fanous and David Fong will present a short overview of their top stories — view this month's selection!


  1. Backbone Drum Synth Now Lets You Use Artificial Intelligence To Create New Drum Sounds

AI systems for generating and analysing sounds and music to help creators have been gradually making their way into virtual instruments and plugins launched by leading music software manufacturers. Steinberg’s latest update to its drum synth might be one of the most impressive yet as it features DrumGAN, a system relying on the machine learning method of Generative Adversarial Networks, enabling creators to generate original drum sounds or analyse existing drum sounds in their sample collection to create similar versions of them. You can find it here for a price of $149.99.


  1. IK Multimedia Intros Turnkey Dolby Atmos Monitoring System

As more music streaming and video streaming platforms support spatial audio formats, demand for mixing in Dolby Atmos surround has increased rapidly, while the cost of setting up a system to do so are on the expensive or impossible end of the scale for many music creators. IK Multimedia may be changing this by offering what is the most accessible Dolby Atmos monitoring system yet. It features 11 small speakers and a microphone using a self-calibration system, combined with Dolby's Audio Room Design Tool which enables the precise installation of Atmos sound systems in smaller studio rooms such as bedroom studios.


  1. New Audio Plugin Standard, CLAP, Offers Open Source Alternative To VST & AU

DAWs usually have their own plug-in formats which are updated at a lesser pace than that of computer developments. Bitwig and u-he have decided to provide what could be a better alternative through an open-source standard for audio plug-ins and hosts developed with modern CPUs in mind. It is engineered to efficiently allocate the load between a CPUs many cores, scan plug-ins in a quicker manner, as well as support novel ways to automate and modulate parameters found within plug-ins.


  1. Yousician Launches Three Beginner-Friendly Guitar Courses with Metallica

Music education platforms like Yousician have been around for a while and have a loyal user base, but it is the recent involvement of well-known artists in offering signature courses which may inspire a critical mass of beginners to sign up and make use of these platforms. Metallica’s course uses Yousician’s patented AI technology to give players real-time feedback as they play Metallica songs and provide a custom-made AI-infused interactive lesson in which players can play 10 hits alongside band members.


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