Abbey Road Red’s Monthly Round-up – April 2022 Edition

Abbey Road Red’s Monthly Round-up – April 2022 Edition

29th April 2022

We’re very excited to publish the second post of our new blog series for all the music creators out there interested in hearing about tech driven music tools.

We’re sourcing these stories from our innovation arm Abbey Road Red’s research into the music technology and start-up ecosystem, picking the ones we think will not only be interesting but also useful in day-to-day music making.

We hope you enjoy reading! And ultimately, we hope you enjoy using these tools.


  1. Universal Audio’s Spark subscription will arm you with powerful plug-ins from Neve, Lexicon and Moog

This is a significant move for Universal Audio, one of the biggest names in analogue emulation, firstly because its plug-ins were previously only available to owners of the company’s hardware products, and secondly because professional creators are still contemplating whether to commit to subscription plans for their plug-in needs. UA is offering access to its plug-ins for $19.99 a month, joining various other major plug-in developers including Waves and Plugin Alliance. This development is likely to bring in music creators who previously could not afford Universal Audio hardware to its ecosystem, as well as persuade prosumers who prefer a portable setup to embrace subscription-based plug-in access models.

Take a look.

  1. Novation announces FLkey fully integrated MIDI keyboard controllers for FL Studio

The ubiquitous MIDI mini-keyboard has been a bedrock of recent music creator culture, with Akai's MPK Mini keyboard becoming a modern classic. Novation is now meeting the need for greater hardware-software integration between the MIDI keyboard and FL Studio, a DAW whose popularity has gradually grown to become one of the most used by creators today. Novation is achieving this goal by launching a new line of FLkey MIDI keyboard controllers which follows in the footsteps of its successful line of Launchkey Ableton-integrated MIDI keyboard controllers.



  1. Endlesss announces MIXTAPES for sequencing jams into full-length tracks and mixes

Endlesss is an online music platform that launched first with a mobile app and then a desktop app for collaborative creation of relatively short music loops or jams called “Rifffs”. Its new MIXTAPES feature will allow music creators to create full tracks from their “Rifffs” by importing them into Native Instruments’ Reaktor plug-in on their DAWs, thus increasing Endlesss’ utility to creators wishing to extend its usage to writing full tracks.

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