Abbey Road Red welcomes LifeScore

13th December 2018

Announcing LifeScore

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to the Abbey Road Red family, an adaptive music platform called LifeScore. There's a special twist for us, actually a few.

First, it's a very homegrown story: founder Philip Sheppard is a highly experienced and regarded game, sync and movie composer who uses Abbey Road regularly to record content with the English Session Orchestra. He showed the LifeScore prototype to our head of Audio Products and Red Board Member Mirek Stiles during a chance catch-up in the Abbey Road café. Mirek set up a meeting for Hash and I, and we were hooked along with the rest of the team and board.

Second, it's adaptive music with a very human twist. The key to LifeScore is the way that music is broken down into interchangeable layers and that human compositions and performances/recording are the foundation for its evolving music. It's very much artist/creator first and friendly. A great combination of adaptive technology with original composition and recordings. A new kind of outlet for artists and a set of new possibilities for B2B deployments.

Third, the timing is very good. While generative composition has had its initial foray, we feel that adaptive music is due a resurgence next year and beyond. Years ago we considered the 'universal play button' and 'personal soundtrack' - tailored playlists or soundtracks determined by contextual triggers like weather or location. LifeScore offers a practical evolution of this concept that is straightforward to deliver as an experience and doesn't require huge technological or hardware overheads.

The system is also designed to be very flexible and quickly adaptable to brief. That means there is great potential for many and varied B2C and B2B deployments.

Fourth, the team. From experts in composition, recording and technology to the recent addition of an artificial intelligence pioneer, their collective future is exciting.

The homegrown story will continue. LifeScore has joined our incubator, Red, here at Abbey Road. We believe that LifeScore is a perfect next step in terms of the alignment of timing, talent, creativity, adaptive technology and creative-friendly principles.
Philip Sheppard CEO and Founder | LifeScore:

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Abbey Road Red in the spiritual home of creative musicmaking that has acted as a catalyst for the world’s most seminal musical moments – from Edward Elgar to The Beatles, Pink Floyd to Harry Potter.

Abbey Road’s atmosphere hums with innovation, technical prowess, goosebumps and playfulness – and these are precisely the qualities that LifeScore hopes to harness into its technologies.
We believe that with Red’s exceptional team, vision and guidance we have a real chance to make a profound impact on the future landscape of musicmaking.”

Karim Fanous Innovation Manager | Abbey Road Red:

“LifeScore is an adaptive breath of fresh air. An evolving music platform with endless possibilities that puts human composition and recordings at the heart of its proposition.

It does this in a unique and highly musicological way, matching the mathematical structure of layers of music with its evolving music engine. LifeScore combines human artistry, recording and production with adaptive technology and we are delighted to be exploring the path that the two sides will take together here at Abbey Road.”