Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion - OUT NOW!

Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion - OUT NOW!

Spitfire Audio x Abbey Road Studios are pleased to announce the release of the second instalment of our most detailed sample library to date, Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion.

Following on from Low Percussion, the collection features a meticulously curated selection of 62 percussive instruments performed by internationally renowned percussionist Joby Burgess and expertly captured by senior engineer Simon Rhodes in the legendary acoustic space that is Abbey Road Studio One.

This new untuned percussion library will expand your percussive palette, with a range of highly detailed and tactile instruments, while also providing an immediate natural feel that sounds authentic and cinematic.
High Percussion re-emphasises the nuanced features of Low Percussion, demonstrating their dynamic responsiveness. Soft Takeover, voice choking and two-handed mapping all allow for an instinctive and gratifying performance. Expertly captured by GRAMMY®-winning engineer Simon Rhodes (Skyfall, Avatar), and performed by internationally-renowned percussionist Joby Burgess (Black Panther, Mission: Impossible), High Percussion offers an agile, responsive and intuitive experience.

Key Features:

Detailed Realism

○ Dynamic Precision – Audible nuance:
■ With up to 11 dynamic layers
■ Up to 16 round robins
■ 391 articulations, including discrete right and left hand performances

Ultimate Playability

○ Natural Playability – Key features to ease playability:
■ Soft Takeover
■ Two-handed layout
■ Right/Left mapping
■ Voice Choking
■ Easy to layer with ARO: Low Percussion

Extensive Instrumentation

○ Clarity and Quality – Revitalise your rhythm section:
■ 62 percussive instruments, ranging from traditional orchestral staples to modern hybrid scoring essentials
■ Toy box section includes a selection of Claves x 6, Castanets (machine and handle), Ratchet, Vibraslap, Whips x 2, Plastic Pipe, Guiro, Shaker Pairs, Caxixi (Basket Shakers) Maracas (pair)
■ A difference in materials, recorded with multiple brush and beater options

Experience the unparalleled realism of High Percussion.


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