Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins - Out Now

Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins - Out Now

28th September 2023

The new Spitfire Audio x Abbey Road sample library Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins is out now!

Harness the sound of 16 violins in Studio One with new technologically-advanced legatos captured by senior engineer Simon Rhodes using brand new recording and development techniques.

This library, delivered for the first time in two tiers: Core and Professional, takes playability and responsiveness to new heights for composers.
Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins features the most detailed and advanced legatos we have ever made. This is a truly dynamic instrument – reacting in real time, so that every time you play, your next movement is triggered.

The Core tier offers a comprehensive collection of articulations, with a very high level of sampling depth and one Simon Rhodes-curated signal option in order to keep the size and RAM requirements low.

The Professional tier goes above and beyond with eight legato articulations in the greatest sampling depth, 16 signal options (including two Simon Rhodes mixes), additional legato techniques for key switching, and alternative attacks for the ultimate in expression.

Join Spitfire's Paul Thomson as he walks through some of the key features of Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins


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