Since the installation of the first Neve Capricorn in 1992, the Penthouse has pushed the limits of large-scale digital mixing. A popular and powerful mix facility, the range and size of the many film soundtracks, album and surround mixes it has accommodated makes for an impressive history. The Penthouse also has a small isolation booth designed to record single instruments or house a music editor.

Penthouse Studio Control Room

The Penthouse control room has an abundance of natural light provided by skylights and windows overlooking the Abbey Road garden.

It has a custom-made Neve DFC Gemini console. At 44.1/48 Khz it has the potential for 1,000 signal paths, including 36 stereo aux sends. The power of the desk becomes most evident when simultaneously mixing 12 * 7.1 stems. For interfacing, the desk has 96 channels of A to D and D to A, along with 336 channels of AES I/O sample rate conversion. There are also four Madi ports available. Monitoring is provided by five B&W Nautilus 800D speakers.

Penthouse Studio Outboard Equipment