Track Check

Track Check


A brand new service from our award-winning engineers

Track Check is the final quality control step before submitting your song for mastering.

Our engineers will feedback on everything from balance and spatial image to headroom, phase, limiting and compression, helping you arrive at a mix that will lead to an even better master.

The Service

Our engineers will offer expert guidance on:

Correct Format (Wav/ AIFF/ BWAV)
Sample Rate
Bit Depth
Balance and spatial image
Quality (Distortion/ clipping/ clicks and dropouts - anything that may need to be cleaned up, restored or resupplied)
Limiting and Compression


Led by
Tom Hall

After two years working as a production assistant, Tom secured a place in the copy rooms at Abbey Road in 2016 as a transfer engineer where he has worked on a host of exciting projects including The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Melody Gardot, Elton John and many more.

More recently, Tom’s role has expanded into assisting the mastering engineers with numerous projects in an array of analogue and digital formats.


For further information, please contact the mastering team using the form below.

Lucy Launder

Head of Mastering Services
+44 (0)20 7266 7000 

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