Audio mixing starting at £300(ex. VAT)

Get your music mixed at the world's most famous recording studios without leaving home. Our innovative online mixing service enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to have their music mixed by Abbey Road’s award-winning team of engineers.

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State of the art mixing

Get your music mixed by the best in the industry. Abbey Road’s exceptional engineering team have the creative skills to deliver your vision with over 80 years of unique production knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

The stunning acoustically treated rooms and exceptional monitoring at Abbey Road ensure we can deliver the best sonic experience for vinyl, digital and streaming.


Before and After

The tracks below represent the before and after the mixing process. Try it!

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
  • "Using the Abbey Road online mixing service has been a great experience for the band. We had precious exchanges with the sound engineer, Chris Bolster and thanks to his ability to understand the spirit of the songs, he brought us all his knowledge with the outstanding gear of the Studios, to deliver the best result. When we heard the mix for the first time, we just couldn’t believe it. The result was above all our expectations. We are from Reunion Island -10 000 kilometers away from London- so this was a unique opportunity for us.”

    "Great feedback and communication, great results from the very first mix, and great re-mixing to tweak details, if necessary... Can't complain at all, I will definitely use their service again in the future."

    “Online mixing at abbeyroad will make your music sounds great and professional because they have the experienced engineers and the high quality equipment.”

  • “The Brandenburg 300 Project required both grandeur and intimacy to bridge Bach’s time and ours.  Chris Bolster brought inspiration and tenacious attention to detail in the mixes, giving us the comfort to realize the best performances of our lives.”

    “Our experience with the online mixing service was amazing! We can say that it all started there for us, SplippleMan. Chris Bolster's excellent job made all the difference in every detail of each song of our album “Welcome to The Magic Room”, not to mention the dynamism of the service. The professionalism of the world’s best studio is also available online!”

    “I used abbey road online mixing for my album "every day" because I'm a huge beatles fan and I have always dreamed about working in or with this legendary studio. Because I haven't had a hit yet, I couldn't afford to record in this holy place. After I realized that there's a online mixing and mastering service with fair prices it was clear to me that I have to do it that way. The service and the mixes are great and I'm very proud having my album mixed and mastered at abbey road studios london!  YEAH YEAH YEAH! ;-)”

Price per Song

1 to 8 files
£300(ex vat)

9 to 24 files
£350(ex vat)

25 to 48 files
£400(ex vat)

Up to 64 files
£450(ex vat)

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Peach Kazen

Peach Kazen

Studio & Mastering Coordinator

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Abbey Road Studios

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Please note that Abbey Road is a working studio and business and as such, is not open to the general public for visits or tours.

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