Yussef Dayes - Love is the message Live at Abbey Road

11th September 2018
Last week, Yussef Dayes came back into the studio to record a live session in Studio Three with Abbey Road engineer Toby Hulbert. It was an exciting session to have the band made up of Alfa Mist, Yussef, Rocco Palladino and Mansur Brown playing music together and making music in the right way and for the right reasons. Toby explained: "As soon as I found out Yussef Dayes was planning a live session in Studio Three I knew it was going to be a special one. The band was made up of some of London's most exciting young players. These guys can really play so it's an engineer's dream to work with them. I had the band close together playing live in the room so they could balance between themselves, just like many classic jazz records that have been made in the past. It's great to have musicians using the space as it was always intended and getting such amazing tones out of their instruments in there. Yussef gets sounds out of his kit that you could only imagine and plays with an intensity and precision like no other I've recorded.
"I wanted to capture the space as much as possible so the recording would sound live and natural. The mono u47 over the drums made up the body of the kit sound and I used the EMI TG desk to add some colour to the drum mics. We wanted to make a chilled atmosphere in the studio so the guys felt free to experiment and it wasn't long before this they killed it with this insane performance - everyone instantly knew that it was the one. Yussef's live album recorded at Abbey Road will be released soon on his new label Cashmere Thoughts Recordings".
We spoke to Yussef about his time at Abbey Road and his live recording of 'Love is The Message': "To be able to record this live session in the legendary Abbey Road studios was a beautiful moment. The vibes were 100% as soon as I stepped through the studio door. Knowing that legends I grew up listening to such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead had all recorded their music in this space made it feel that this was going to be a special recording, to add our music to this legacy is something I'm incredibly proud of! Growing up in the big smoke, I'm used to recording in basements and bedroom studios, so to get the opportunity to elevate our sounds in this space was something I couldn't turn down. With all the scientific machinery Abbey Road possess, it felt like being in a spaceship, choosing crazy 1950's mics on each drum, desks that looked like a time machine, and instruments that only The Beatles were experimenting with. For this recording, It was only right that I choose the best of best: Alfa Mist, Mansur Brown Rocco Palladino are young geniuses that are elevating their craft to another level. Whether it be Alfa composing the vibes and gluing it together, Mansur burning bright with solos sounds that haven't been seen or heard before, Rocco coming with the straight no chaser bass lines always gully with it, and then myself bringing the energy and navigating the ship to the limitless destinations that await. Yeah. We had to come together for this special occasion to give you all the dream team! On some Avengers ish haha. For me it's about moving forward in life, taking risks and being bold in your beliefs, especially if they're against the grain! Abbey Road was the perfect place for us to show this. With some fresh tailor made garms from the G Nicholas Daley, we was ready to lay down the fire! The vibes were strong and we were blazing out one takes, so we got the Live @ Abbey Road Album coming real soon on my new label Cashmere Thoughts Recordings, watch out for that. Music for me is about energy, groove, feelings and emotion. 'Love Is The Message' Is a dedication to my mother and to anybody that has lost someone close to them. Keep going and channel all the love into something positive. Salute to Toby Hulbert for controlling the button's sounds! Photos by the Queen Adama Jalloh".

Watch the full Live Session of 'Love is The Message' below. Film by Joseph Dunn and Jake Whitehouse. Personnel: Yussef Dayes- drums, Alfa Mist- keys/synths, Mansur Brown- guitar, Rocco Palladino- Bass

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