Weather Walker – a new orchestral album from Tim Garland

Atmospheric and unfailingly melodic, the new orchestral album from musical polymath Tim Garland takes its inspiration from the awe inspiring scenery of the Lake District in the North West of England. Uniting regular collaborators with special guest Pablo Held and a 35 piece string orchestra, Weather Walker is epic in scope and ambition and showcases some of Tim's best writing yet. The recording sessions at Abbey Road were split across Studios One and Three. Studio One was the location for the 35 string English Session Orchestra, recorded by Lewis Jones, while Studio Three was used for a more intimate eight string session recorded by Andrew Dudman.
Here's Tim's description of the sessions: "It's like the old Concerto Grosso at times: a smaller group nestled within a larger one. This also gave us the chance to really use some production technique and experiment with unusual stereo placements, a wide landscape of sound. This took a while to write, working in the moments where us soloists would, a few weeks later, be recording our own parts over the top. I have recorded at Abbey Road many times. You get back after a session to your own studio and push up the faders and straight away: Wow, THAT'S the sound. It's movie magic, (but not as we know it!). The album was produced by Tim and Andrew Sunnucks and mixed by Abbey Road's Daniel Hayden and Tim.

Watch Tim speak about working at Abbey Road below: