VOTE for your favourite image in the Music Moment of the Year category, supported by Outernet London

VOTE for your favourite image in the Music Moment of the Year category, supported by Outernet London

2nd September 2023

Now it’s time for YOU to get involved!

Vote for your favourite image in the Music Moment of the Year category, supported by Outernet London.

Vote for THE image that defined music in 2022 - the photograph that captured a moment in time, the mood, the spirit of the year. Vote for an image that could be remembered for generations to come.

If you're heading to the exhibition at Outernet London, you can cast your vote via interactive screens there and for those who can't, you can still cast your vote on the MPAs website - head here.

Here are the nominees and the stories behind their images:

Nicole Fara Silver [Billie Eilish]


This photo was taken during Billie Eilish’s first tour since Covid. Her fans - nearly 20,000 of them - were packed in tight at Madison Square Garden, and the energy in the room was incredible. Everyone was screaming at a decibel you could feel in your entire body. When the lights finally went down, we got a glimpse of Billie standing above the stage as a lyric from Happier Than Ever rang out (You make me hate this city), and then poof! She disappeared. Finneas and her drummer Andrew Marshall began to play - faster and faster as the lights flickered, whipping the crowd into an even larger frenzy. Then all of a sudden the music paused, and Billie launched herself into the air, hovering for a millisecond before landing on the stage. The crowd went wild.

Anthony Pham [Harry Styles]

“This photo was taken at Harry’s headlining Coachella set - Weekend One. Harry’s first time playing a festival and my fifth Coachella. This was a few weeks after As It Was was released so there was a lot of buzz around his set. I'd toured with Harry before, but we were playing arenas to 18,000 a night, but Coachella is a behemoth at around 125,000 people attending. Being on stage this time was definitely a little overwhelming but once the intro to Kiwi started, I went into tunnel vision and knew exactly where I wanted to be for the exact part of his set. I love this photo because it felt like he had something to prove at that moment.”

Paul Bogle [Stormzy & Dave]:

“The photo captures an incredible moment of surprise and exhilaration as Dave joins Stormzy on stage, much to the delight of the fans. The scene unfolds with vibrant energy, as both artists stand together in the spotlight, commanding the attention of everyone present. To the astonishment of the crowd, Dave appears alongside him, making an impromptu appearance to deliver an electrifying performance. The photo encapsulates the raw excitement and genuine joy shared by both artists in this unexpected and memorable collaboration. The chemistry between Dave and Stormzy is palpable, as they unite their talents and stage presence to create an unforgettable moment in music history."

Aaron Parsons [IDLES]

“We were back in the fields again and what better way to celebrate that than Idles whipping up a storm on The Other Stage at Glastonbury. For this moment, a crescendo of energy took over the crowd; a release, a freedom and social distancing was a thing of the past."

Lorenzo Reali [Alfa]

"During International Kissing Day we decided to take the picture with the most kisses given simultaneously in history. Before the end of the show I climbed a ladder in the centre of the stage while Alfa went down among his fans to take the photo."

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