The Great War: Western Front Original Soundtrack

The Great War: Western Front Original Soundtrack

31st March 2023
Abbey Road engineer Simon Gibson recently mastered composer Frank Klepacki’s original score for the new PC game The Great War: Western Front by Frontier Foundry and Petroglyph.

Simon, one of the many engineers available on our Online Mastering service, worked “to make it sound big and dynamic when required, while keeping the overall dynamic range of an orchestral sound world”.
Composer and Audio Director Frank Klepacki (Command & Conquer™: Remastered, Star Wars™: Empire at War, Dune II) and FAME'S Skopje Studio Orchestra conductor Sasho Tatarchevski recorded the score at the orchestra's home in Skopje.

Each section of the 74-piece world class orchestra takes centre stage across 31 original tracks, which each carries the intensity of a myriad of emotions. Complimented by a 24-piece choir, the feelings rooted within each piece reflect the delicate tonal balance of a complex war, immersing players into the weight of the decisions they will make as both Theatre Commander and Field Commander.

When it came to mastering, Simon Gibson remembers, "In terms of gear, I use the same sort of setup for almost every project: a range of plugins within my Pyramix mastering system. These include EQ and dynamics software which give me the flexibility to adjust the sound in lots of precise ways.

I received a good sounding mix and tried to give that mix a lift and polish to make it stand out in the final video game."

The OST is available now to those who purchase the “Victory Edition” of the game, as well as via Steam or the Epic Games Store.
The Great War: Western Front is a WW1 strategy game where players play a deciding role in history with this real-time tactical experience as they take charge in the iconic Western Front from 1914 to 1919.

Players will step into the dual-role of Theatre Commander and Field Commander, leading their forces in both real-time strategy and turn-based grand strategy gameplay across the Western Front in order to secure victory in one of modern history’s most fundamental conflicts.

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