The Bloom On Winning Battle Of The Bands 2017

The Bloom On Winning Battle Of The Bands 2017

7th August 2017

Luke Kordyl from The Bloom, who have won Metro and Abbey Road Studios’ Battle of the Bands speaks about winning this year’s competition:


Hi this is Luke from The Bloom.


Winning the first ever Abbey Road Battle of the Bands is a huge deal for me. To know Nile, Matt and Malcolm liked a song I wrote in my bedroom is crazy.


Getting to record at Abbey Road is a dream for any musician and as an unsigned act wasn't something I ever thought possible.


In the final hours of the competition I was constantly checking and refreshing the website until it all got too much and I had to go down to the pub to take my mind off it.


There are so many great bands playing in bars across London every night, putting everything they have into dreams of being musicians. Competitions like this give us hope that if we can just get heard by a larger audience then maybe all the hard work will be worth it in the end.


Thanks to Abbey Road, Metro news and especially all the people that voted. I guess I'll finally have to go and take a photo on the cross walk now...