Storm - The first ever song written on Topline is out now.

Storm - The first ever song written on Topline is out now.

17th November 2017

As part of our ongoing work with emerging artists at Abbey Road, we were lucky enough to have the incredible Indigo Palace and BLOOM stop by for the day to record a collaborative track using our brand-new app, Topline.

Recording with Abbey Road engineer, Dan Hayden, the musicians worked quickly to turn their original Topline demo into a fully-fledged single. The result is Storm, a slick, soulful number, drenched in hip-hop influences with jazz and electronic traits that run throughout in a gorgeous, eclectic unison.

Storm beautifully encapsulates the ethos behind Topline. It’s a collaborative infusion of styles that brought together three creators from two different projects to work seamlessly on a track.

Topline’s debut professional project, Storm coincides with the release of the app to the US App Store. We can’t wait to see what our American creators use Topline for, and if any of you are reading this – be sure to let us know what you’ve made using the app so far!

Visit the US or UK IOS App Store to download Topline absolutely FREE.

Listen to Storm.