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Sgt. Pepper 50 In USA Today

Sgt. Pepper 50 In USA Today

30th May 2017

Following the worldwide release of the new, remixed 50th Anniversary Edition of Sgt. Pepper last week, USA Today published this excellent review online including excerpts from conversations with some of the album’s key players from behind-the-scenes that took place during the newspaper’s trip to Abbey Road Studios earlier this month.

Featuring words from Abbey Road’s Miles Showell, the mastering engineer who cut the vinyl version of the album at half-speed, as well as Doreen Dunkley, manager of Abbey Road’s restaurant for almost 28 years, the article offers some great insight into the context into which one of the 20th Century’s most popular albums was released, juxtaposing it with the state of the world here in 2017.

Read the full piece here, and get your copy of the new Sgt. Pepper 50th Anniversary release here.