Netflix Original Film, 'Yeh Ballet' by Sooni Taraporevala Mixed in Abbey Road's Mix Stage

23rd February 2020
Yeh Ballet, now streaming on Netflix, is based on a true story of two men pursuing their ballet dreams. Directed by Sooni Taraporevala, the film is already making waves for its raw portrayal of dance, ballet and ambition.

Based on the lives of two ballet dancers, Manish Chauhan and Amiruddin Shah, it is a fictionalised version of their struggle in mastering a dance form that wasn't accepted by their families. The story of these two dancers came to light when Sooni Taraporevala shot a documentary on them back in 2017. And three years later, she recreated the magic of their story on Netflix.

Yeh Ballet | Official Trailer

We were delighted to welcome this inspirational project into the Mix Stage, our Dolby Atmos® Premier accredited and IMAX audio compatible studio, enabling state-of-the-art post production. Mixers Udit Duseja and Roland Heap were at the helm for the mixing of the film, with Udit explaining the joy of working at the studios: "Mixing at Abbey Road was very special, an experience etched in my memory forever. The room sounds absolutely lovely and we are proud to be the first Indian film to be mixing at the Mix Stage."

Director Sooni Taraporevala also added: "We’ve all been very gratified by the response to Yeh Ballet which seems to have connected with people who have been moved as well as entertained. You know I’m sure that our time at Abbey Road was the unexpected highlight of this film. I never in my wildest screenwriter dreams would have imagined that." 

Watch Yeh Ballet on Netflix now.

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