Music, Robotics & AI: Recording the Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra

24th April 2021

Recorded in Studio One with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra, brings together performers from across the globe, for an engaging and heartfelt piece of work that explores disruptive technologies.

Commissioned by Dr Susan Lim, a Singaporean surgeon who is a specialist in the field of transplantation, robotics and stem cell research. The work was written by the French composer Manu Martin, and arises out of Lim's ALAN project which aims to explore disruptive technologies, the intersection between technology and humanity, in the form of robotics and AI, via music. The idea that human engineering of the inanimate may ultimately produce companions previously unimagined.

Dr Lim explained: "In November 2019, I commissioned Manu Martin to write me a Fantasy conveying hope for the future companionship between an inanimate and a human; a Fantasy that would unfold and explain the journey of a soul from wild to captive, from animate to inanimate and with the addition of electric sounds, to herald the inanimate's bold futuristic step into a new world order of synthetic biology, AI and robotics"

Behind-The-Scenes: The ALAN Song - Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra

Fantasy composer Manu Martin explained his joy of recording in Abbey Road Studios for the project: "Born in the ‘80s, I was raised with John Williams’s music, and it was for me a special moment to record in Abbey Road with the LSO, in Studio One. Because that room has a special sound, and because I knew that orchestral sound from my childhood. It was magic!

And the opportunity to work alongside Creative Director, Dr Susan Lim on the ALAN project together with Music Director, Matthieu Eymard; to share Susan’s vision of companionship for the future and to compose the Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra with her guidance has been the most extraordinary and uplifting experience of a lifetime for me.“

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