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Mirek Stiles Speaks To The Vinyl Factory

Mirek Stiles Speaks To The Vinyl Factory

5th April 2017

Following what must be one of the more impressive investments in a piece of rock memorabilia in recent memory, Abbey Road’s Mirek Stiles (Head of Audio Products) recently took the time out to speak to The Vinyl Factory about the studio’s EMI TG12345 MK IV recording console which sold at auction last week for a staggering $1.8 million.

In the piece that went live earlier this week, Mirek told the site that, “The fact that it was housed in the most famous studio in the world and used to record probably the most iconic album of all time certainly adds to its unique appeal, and hence its valuation.”

“Everything about the TG desks has a unique sound quality quite unlike any other desk I have used. The microphone pre-amps colours sound in a beautiful and satisfying way. The compressors and limiters are some of the most wonderfully brutal sounding in the history of recorded music, they can literally make instruments sound like they are jumping from the speakers. The EQ is extremely musical with a lovely presence in the top end.”

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