Max Richter Releases New Album ‘Voices 2’

Esteemed composer Max Richter today (9 April 2021) releases Voices 2, inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Composer Max Richter released Voices last August, a work where he set readings of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to music. Today he releases the second part of Voices, which is a purely instrumental work that builds on the musical themes. The music for Voices 2 was recorded during the same sessions, with the same players as the first, with Max recording additional piano parts during the summer at Abbey Road in Studio One.

The message at the core of Max Richter’s Voices 2 is one of hope. The music, and the video for the debut single Mirrors, invites us to take a break from current devastation and to reflect instead on the aspirations in the Universal Declaration.

Positivity and hopefulness for a new future runs throughout the record. Yulia Mahr, Max Richter’s filmmaker and visual-artist partner, captures the image of rejuvenation in her video for Mirrors as flowers bloom.


Max Richter - Mirrors (Official Music Video by Yulia Mahr)


“'Voices' is a complex, fascinating, superb album, and the outstanding ‘Voices’ 2 is its meditative accompaniment – a purely musical extension, adding an extra element of thought to the whole.” The Upcoming

Max Richter explains “There are always opportunities for new beginnings. And that’s one of the things that’s so hopeful about that text. It lays out a very fundamental and simple set of principles, which are completely available to us at all times, but we do have to choose them. That’s the challenge, isn’t it?”

Order your copy of Voices 2 on CD or Vinyl from the Abbey Road Shop here.