J. Blakeson's Latest Thriller I Care A Lot - Scored by Marc Canham - Out on Amazon Prime Video

20th February 2021

Available on Amazon Prime Video now, composer Marc Canham has scored J. Blakeson's latest thriller I Care A Lot (starring Rosamund Pike & Peter Dinklage), a darkly humorous yet brutal satirical take on the American Dream.

Inspired by the likes of, Brian Eno, Rival Consoles and Orbital, Marc’s score morphs in tone through the film with its off-kilter synth-laden playfulness; into an atmospheric, textural soundscape.
Finishing the mix for the score in Studio Three, Marc told us “I’d been locked down in my studio for three months writing the score for I Care A Lot, so it was a joy to head to Abbey Road and find a fresh creative space to finish off the mixes over the course of a few days… it was all a bit weird wearing face masks shouting muffled notes around, but it was priceless finally being together in a relaxed environment with J Blakeson (Director) and Rich AItken (Mix Engineer) for the final push for what was a tricky score to mix due to the shifting tone throughout the film."

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