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Introducing The Mix Stage

Introducing The Mix Stage

14th March 2017

On top of the two new recording studios that have opened this week, Abbey Road is very happy to welcome its very first Mix Stage post production suite to the Studios setup, a purpose built dry hire facility accommodating pre and final mixing.

The introduction of the Mix Stage means Abbey Road Studios is the only studio in London to offer the convenience of both movie scoring and film sound mixing in a single location.

While it might look like an exclusive cinema for staff poking out into the studio garden from the outside, the Mix Stage is in fact a fully certified Dolby Atmos® Premier Studio, as well as being IMAX audio compatible.

What this means in layman’s terms is that for the first time ever film makers and sound crews have everything that they need for pre and final mixing for film, all within the walls of Abbey Road Studios.

Features include a huge 44 speaker setup, 4K ultra high definition projection and a hybrid mixing console conceived by our engineers and made possible by Frozen Fish Design. Aesthetically based on a state-of-the-art AMS DFC 3D (with two USP engines), its customised frame allows seamless interchange of DFC 3D and AVID S6 buckets for ultimate flexibility that can be tailored to any client requirements. There are 7 Pro Tools systems available, alongside a dedicated HDX picture playback machine.

Unique Screen channel HF driver switching has also been enabled, thanks to an exclusive speaker design by Munro acoustics, as well as in-house custom DSP and hardware - giving the mixer the ability to switch between Horn and Soft Dome HF drivers for the 5 screen speakers at a touch of the button from the listening position.

Also included are 3 cutting rooms for use as working spaces, as well as for relaxing, plus access to the Penthouse and Studio 52 mixing rooms.

Isabel Garvey, Managing Director at Abbey Road Studios says, “As one of the few recording studios in the world that can easily accommodate a large orchestral recording set-up, Abbey Road Studios has become the premier destination for leading movie studios and award-winning movie score composers. The introduction of the new mix stage confirms our commitment to keep delivering the best-in-class facilities and studio talent from recording through to post production.”

Kobi Quist, Sound Mix Technician at Abbey Road Studios says, “This new purpose-built post-production mix stage enabled us to create a facility with no compromises in terms of speaker placement and flexibility for client demands. Whether artists or engineers want to mix the audio virtually or natively, or a combination of both, we have taken into consideration the various ways clients work. Our mix stage is set up to ensure incredible mixes and leave a positive lasting impression."

Find out more about the Mix Stage here, which is now officially up and running and open for bookings.