Introducing The Gatehouse & The Front Room

Introducing The Gatehouse & The Front Room

15th March 2017

This week our two new studio spaces The Gatehouse and The Front Room officially opened their doors for business. Their opening marks the biggest transformation to take place at Abbey Road since it first opened back in 1931, and the new rooms have been designed with the modern musician very much in mind.

Much smaller in size than the existing Studios One, Two and Three, the new studios provide an inspiring and accessible entry point into Abbey Road Studios for more musicians and artists than ever before.

Artists working in the new spaces will have access to the same state-of-the-art recording technology as well as legacy vintage equipment and instruments used throughout the studios, including those used on landmark recordings here over the past 85 years.

Featuring a multi-surfaced live space, The Gatehouse offers a mix of classic analogue gear and cutting edge digital audio workstation (DAW) integration. This includes a AMS Neve 16 fader BCM10/2 Mk2 recording console, support for Pro Tools HDX2, Logix X and Ableton music production software and an outboard boasting Chandler, UA, API, Neve and Bricasti audio hardware.

An ideal set-up for smaller recordings and music production, The Front Room offers the same audio equipment set-up as The Gatehouse but features a SSL 24 fader Duality delta recording console.

Isabel Garvey, Managing Director at Abbey Road Studios says, “The opening of the new studios is one of the biggest events in Abbey Road Studios’ unique history. It shows our commitment to quality recording, the creative environment and our belief that combined with our award-winning expertise, we can attract a whole new generation of artists through our doors. We are investing in our core business to ensure we maintain Abbey Road as a vibrant recording studio, with the two new studios designed to expand our appeal to a wide range of music creators.”

Chris Bolster, Engineer at Abbey Road says, “It’s an exciting time for the engineers at the studios, with the introduction of these newer and smaller facilities to Abbey Road’s current offering. It means we can open the doors and welcome sessions with more modest production requirements. The new rooms offer everything a top class tracking and production facility deserves, but they also complement and mirror the current high end recording equipment and experience already on offer at Abbey Road. We’re bolstering the service we already offer, and adding a stepping stone for those wishing to try our unique recording experience.”

Find out more about The Gatehouse here and The Front Room here, which are both officially now up and running and open for bookings.