Introducing Abbey Road Cuts Playlist

27th March 2019
Highlighting one of our busiest periods ever, our mastering suites have been packed with some brilliant projects. From new releases for Sade, Paul McCartney and Suede, remasters for Teenage Fanclub, Elblow and Bryan Ferry, half-speed masters for Queen, CHIC, Brian Eno and of course The Beatles, to direct to vinyl sessions for Nine Inch Nails, Slaves and Krept & Konan, the tables haven’t stopped turning.

We've collated the projects our master engineers have worked on throughout 2018 and into 2019 to create the studios' latest playlist Abbey Road Cuts. Follow on both Apple Music and Spotify.

Take a look below at some of the recent projects our mastering engineers have worked on.

Frank Arkwright on mastering Jonny Marr's Call The Comet

Mastered at Abbey Road by the award-winning Frank Arkwright, Johnny Marr explained to us how Frank plays a fundamental part in any release:

"I always work with Frank on my records. Mastering the entire Smiths' catalogue was a huge undertaking, but we have a way of working together and it turned out perfectly. Frank Arkwright is one of the elite top mastering guys in the world." - Johnny Marr
Both Marr and Arkwright have sustained a long working relationship, from remastering The Smiths' entire catalogue to all of Marr's solo releases.

Frank explains: "It's always good to see Johnny Marr and this is the third solo album I've mastered with him at Abbey Road. I first started working with him on The Healers' record and then remastered The Smiths entire catalogue for the Complete box set, so we go back a long way. Some say this is his best solo album and it may well be. I'm hoping to see the live shows when he plays in the UK. They are always amazing."

Johnny Marr's Hi, Hello from Call The Comet has been added to Abbey Road Cuts.

Alex Wharton on remastering Paul McCartney and Wings Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway

Alex Wharton tells us about his experience of working on the reissues of Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway by Paul McCartney and Wings, personally supervised by Paul McCartney.

“It’s always an absolute honour and pleasure to work with Paul and the team at MPL. Working on Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway, there were so many nuggets such as the psychedelic jam Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) and When The Wind Is Blowing. These are incredible portals in my opinion! It’s amazing to see how much Paul cares about music that he has already put out into the ether – to go back to the original tapes and create a sound that both Paul and we believe will touch people in a deeper way. The song Wild Life is a real highlight for me. It’s a great sounding record, but the lyrics cover real awareness and the relationship between ourselves and other animals – themes that are more relevant today than ever.”

Paul McCartney and Wings Big Barn Red from Red Rose Speedway has been added to Abbey Road Cuts.

Miles Showell on half-speed mastering CHIC

Abbey Road mastering engineer Miles Showell, who also mastered the new Nile Rodgers and CHIC album It’s About Time, tells us about working on the new new CHIC Organization 1977-1979 box set project.

"I was doing a lot more than pinching when I was asked if I would like to get involved with the new CHIC Organization 1977-1979 box set, to take the dream cliché even further this was a dream come true. The music that Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards wrote, arranged and produced in that period is for me some of the greatest recorded in popular music. Such utter joy, outlandishness, clever arrangements and peerless musicianship and vocals. It all added up to something far greater than the sum of the parts. I could not say ‘yes’ fast enough".
"Mastering from the ultra-high-resolution transfers made from the original ¼” master tapes by the Warner Music archiving project, I was given a free hand to just do my thing on a few songs after which Nile would come in to give his opinion. These songs included two of the biggest bangers from the first album (simply called CHIC)."

Sister Sledge's He's The Greatest Dancer and We Are Family from the remaster project has been added to Abbey Road Cuts.