Geoff Pesche cuts Black Story vinyl reissues for #BlackHistoryMonth

Geoff Pesche cuts Black Story vinyl reissues for #BlackHistoryMonth

5th October 2023
Black Story tells the history of UMR’s iconic UK Black musical icons, celebrating not only the culture; but the scenes, the sounds and the artists who shaped UK Music, giving flowers to some of the incredible Black artists in their archives.

Our own Geoff Pesche cut all the vinyl for the series including music from Aswad, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Madeline Bell, Michael Smith, Millie Small, Ms. Dynamite, DJ Krush and Ronny Jordan, Terry Walker, Unknown T and Vivian Weathers.

Madeline Bell - *Doin' Things*

Madeline Bell - Doin' Things

Vivian Weathers - *Bad Weathers*

Vivian Weathers - Bad Weathers

Unknown T - *Rise Above Hate*

Unknown T - Rise Above Hate

Terri Walker - *Untitled*

Terri Walker - Untitled

Millie Small - *The Best Of Millie Small*

Millie Small - The Best Of Millie Small

Ms. Dynamite - *A Little Deeper*

Ms. Dynamite - A Little Deeper

Michael Smith - *Mi Cyaan Believe It*

Michael Smith - Mi Cyaan Believe It

Linton Kwesi Johnson - *Forces of Victory*

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Forces of Victory

Ronny Jordan & DJ Krush - *Bad Brothers*

Ronny Jordan & DJ Krush - Bad Brothers

Aswad - *Aswad*

Aswad - Aswad


Black Story - Soul II Soul

Black Story - Gabrielle

Black Story - INCOGNITO

Black Story - Ms Dynamite

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