Chirping in Studio One - Abbey Road Hackathon Recap

23rd November 2018
Almost a fortnight since our inaugural Abbey Road Red Hackathon, our participants, mentors and partners have started to share their experiences from the historic weekend.
Although it’s been almost two weeks since our first ever hack at Abbey Road Studios, it still feels like it was just yesterday. There is still a vast amount of work to do, multiple chats to continue, beautiful photo stories to release and thank you notes to distribute. Just this morning we went on a search of 'electric oud' which Noemi from our hacking crowd left next to the mixing desk. We found it and we are arranging a happy reunion whilst we are sifting through our ‘Lost Property Vault’ in the cellars of the studios.

But the best bit is that we now start to see the hack in the eyes of participants, mentors and our partners. Our Gold Partner Miquido have shared a blog about their 'Top 5 Hacks' from the event in their 'Innovation Projects at Abbey Road Studios Hackathon' article. Read here -
Chirp, who specialise in data over audio technology solution, managed to turn Studio One into a fun space with chirping owls, synched mobile phones, and interactive games summarise their most memorable projects. Read them here -
And Guillem Cortes from La Vaca Cega, the Chirp Prize Winner, exaplains: “I’ve always dreamt of being in Abbey Road and not only doing it but doing it wearing slippers and sleeping on that wooden floor was something absolutely marvellous.”

Their stunning hack uses Chirp to synchronise music playback across the entire audience’s mobile devices, triggering movements via Chirp tones. It's a simple idea but is incredibly effective to hear in person. Hearing music triggered from tiny speakers all around you is a magical experience.