Chandler Limited Visits Abbey Road Studios

6th May 2019
Chandler Limited's Director of Marketing & Artist Relations, Adam Fiori, paid a visit to Abbey Road last month demoing the newly released Chandler/Abbey Road TG microphone and catching up with the various faces at the studios. Head of Audio Products, Mirek Stiles, takes us through Chandler's week at the studios.
Abbey Road had a fun visit from Adam Fiori last week, none other than Chandler Limited’s Director of Marketing & Artist Relations. For those not familiar with Chandler Limited, their brilliant Founder and Chief Designer, Wade Goeke, re-creates and designs pro audio recording equipment based on the classic, legendary and in most cases rare as Venus’s Arms Abbey Road recording gear from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Without Wades in depth knowledge and passion to revive pieces of recording history, a majority of producers would simply not have access to the hardware that gives those beautiful sounds and tones.

Adam arrived fresh (ish) from the Musik Messe Trade Show in Frankfurt and spent a week at Abbey Road capturing videos, photos and catching up with the various faces at the studios including microphone technician Lester Smith. As Chandler are based in the states it important to get these face to face meetings in the diary when possible, Skype can only get you so far.
We spent a fantastic day in Studio Two capturing video of the very talented Abbey Road assistant engineer Stefano Civetta playing the historic upright pianos (Mrs. Mills and the Challen). The idea was to create a short demo of the newly released Chandler/Abbey Road TG microphone compared to our own Chandler REDD microphone and classics such as the Neumann U47 and U67. Thanks Stefano, you did an excellent job and most patient with us.
Our next victim on day two was Deputy Head of Technical Services, Matt Kingdom, playing some soothing acoustic guitar tones in the Front Room Studio. It’s a real pleasure to compare the sonic qualities of these microphones, all beautiful in their own unique way. Both Stefano’s pianos and Matt’s guitar videos will be a great way of showing off the microphone sonic qualities to the world.
Adam had a chance to catch up with Microphone Technician Lester Smith. We were able to get some video footage of how Lester tests the Abbey Road microphone collection, of which there are over 800. Lester gave both the Chandler TG and REDD microphones a thorough going over during development before Abbey Road gave final approval for release. Lester has been using the same testing techniques since he took on this important role in the '70s and keeps a log book of all his findings.

During a meeting with Adam and the Abbey Road marketing team it reminded me of just how well received the Abbey Road/Chandler range has been embraced by the music recording industry. Our microphones, pre-amps, equalizers and compressors have been used on recordings by the most influential artists of our day including: Beyonce, Garbage, Green Day, Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, Maroon 5 and Sam Smith. Not to mention some of the most amazing engineers and producers like Vance Powell, Tony Maserati, Billy Bush, Michael Wagener, Michael Beinhorn and Ryan Hewitt.

The sheer scale of talent using our gear is something both Chandler and Abbey Road Studios is immensely proud of. I look forward to Abbey Road co-developing more exciting recording equipment with Wade in the future. Keep an eye out for the Chandler Abbey Road videos coming to a You Tube Channel near you soon.

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